LearnerTrack is hosted in a secure dedicated server farm connected to the JANET network. This ensures it has a reliable, high bandwidth access to the Internet and other education and networks and resources worldwide.

As a JANET co-location partner LearnerTrack sits alongside Learndirect, Hewlett Packard Labs and the European Space Agency. Needless to say, these are not organisations who want their sites going down at regular intervals! backbone map

LearnerTrack Servers

Our servers are connected to the Internet on one of the eight Core Points of Presence that make up the JANET backbone.

Currently operating at 10Gbps, JANET is the UK's education and research network providing reliable, high bandwidth access to the Internet and other education and networks and resources worldwide.

JANET(UK) Co-location includes secure space and direct connectivity to SuperJANET

for those who operate services that require high availability or high performance network connectivity. The JANET network is constructed around eight Core Points of Presence (C-PoPs) located across the UK, as shown above. The network links interconnecting the C-PoPs currently operate at 10Gbps. These interconnections form the backbone of the JANET network and are collectively referred to as SuperJANET. This backbone connects to the regional networks with link speeds ranging from 155Mbit/s to 2.5Gbit/s.

LearnerTrack databases and interface systems are based on tried and tested Microsoft technologies;

including SQL Server 2012, .asp and .NET products, with the additional security of a Linux Embedded Appliance Firewall and Microsoft https (Secure Socket Layer). Monterpoint uses fast and reliable servers with dual power supply and RAID automatically backed up.

Protection from unauthorized access

In addition to the standard Microsoft security features, a Linux Embedded Appliance Firewall LEAF protects LearnerTrack Servers from unauthorized access. This is applied to ensure against attempted hacking that seeks to take advantage of Microsoft Windows security flaws.

Data Encryption.

Monterpoint web servers support Microsoft https protocol (Secure Socket Layer).

Back-Up Procedures.

Daily Back-up of Entire Database; Daily back-ups rotated on weekly cycle; Weekly Back-up of Entire Database.

User Authentication and Authorisation.

Subscribers are given username and password access to their data. Username and password information is used by the system to determine which data subscribers can access, at which user level. Passwords are encrypted with RSA One Way Encryption.

Full Data Roll Back.

LearnerTrack data can be rolled back to any point during the previous 2 months