Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse : All your value-added data in one place.

All your value-added data in one place.

Each night, we process your data, adding key information derived from third party sources such as Data Service (LARA) and Royal Mail and we transform this information into a data warehouse. You can download your data warehouse at any time and interrogate your information using your own tools or use LearnerTrack's own superb Analysis product. Analysis makes querying your data for the information you require a piece of cake! Analysis gives virtually unlimited investigative control of your data. Far more powerful than traditional pre-set reports, analysis enables you to apply progressive queries and drill down to investigate and understand the detail. Analysis is an easy interface for non technical staff to build custom reports that can be saved and distributed to other team members.


  • Easily queried valued data all in one place
  • Powerful basis for ad-hoc reporting
  • Fast multidimensional analysis and complex calculations from user defined querying of Learner Data
  • Local Authority, Ward and Postcode level geographical analysis
  • Gives managers ability to 'see' their data as never before
  • Incredibly easy to use, reconfigure data at the click of a mouse
  • 'DrillThrough' Feature allows you to see base data behind the 'trends'
  • Automatically generated bar charts
  • Exportable as MS Excel and XML