Web Enrol

Web Enrol : Online Prospectus and public enrolment system.   

Online Prospectus and public enrolment system.   

Web.Enrol publishes course information as a comprehensive online Prospectus that can be integrated with your corporate web site: Fully synchronised with your MIS, the public can make enquiries and enrol in a live environment. Our Web.Enrol product is certified to the prestigious PCIDSS security standards introduced by Visa and MasterCard to ensure cardholders details are securely protected.


  • Public web site automatically generated from your live MIS data
  • Comprehensive keyword and text search facility
  • Search by course category, location and time/day
  • Feeds web based enquiries directly into your MIS
  • View availability of places, live from MIS data
  • Highest standards for Access by those with disabilities
  • No site maintenance - automatically published from your MIS data
  • Design templates for easy integration with your own web site
  • We are working towards a fully documented API for developers and designers
  • Bespoke design and integration service also available